Toman Zolanski






(trigger warning for unapologetic blatant racism. click to enlarge images)









A few racists on Facebook felt the need to share their opinion, reblog so future employers can find this post when searching their names in google.
Transcript | Link


Works at United States Marine Corp
Studied at Wake Forest University
Lives in Norwood, North Carolina


Went to West Stanley High School
Studied at Stanly Community College
Lives in Midland, North Carolina

Lynda Scott

Lives in North Carolina

Snezhanna Granados Black (what is her real name?

Went to West Stanly High
Lives in Midland, North Carolina

It hurts that they live in North Carolina. Just… kill me please.

Just reblogging for some good ol’ search engine ranking improvement. You’re welcome guys!

So, is calling for the removal of people like this from this world too far. 

REBLOOOOOOGGGGG!!! we should all send them some nice fb messages. no, really, reblog though. 

i couldn’t even read all that, that shit made my heart race. that bitch should get stomped. dude too.

I think this would hurt me a little more if they were educated but whatever


There are Americans, and then there are Amurricans, and these are Amurricans.

I can’t remember if I took my blog off the search engine index (if I did Tumblr probably fucked it up anyway), but if not then I really hope these racist pieces of scum get fired.

…I hope they never get jobs ever again.

My heart is legit about to fall the fuck out of my got damn chest. I am so pissed that I want to throw my fucking computer. It’s people like these that really deserve to be strangled. I could not believe my eyes. I’m proud to see people like Nikki and Kiara. They gave me some hope. But as for the other four, I wish them a good day in hell. 

I hope they both die and burn in hell. No forgiveness. Fuck them. 

Cant even say im shocked people will think how they want regardless SMH. Hate racism

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    this makes me really REALLY sad. “small minds” is he perfect way to describe their thinking
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    It’s their opinion, let em write what they want. Just never forget that racism will never die in this country. Ever
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    WHY NORTH CAROLINA. WHY FOR GOD SAKE. We really aren’t all bad people!! D:
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